Art et Philosophie en Pratique

Art du questionnement et questionnement de l'art


Everyone is welcome to discover our activities in philosophy practice in english, no prerequisite. So, philosophical practice includes two forms of sessions: collective or individual workshops and philosophical consultations (individual dialogues with a philosopher on a personal question). Thus, it is possible to learn the art of Socratic questioning and argumentative replying. To understand what it is all about, it is possible to do an experimental session, an argumentation exercise, a presuppositions exercise or a philosophical consultation. This lasts half an hour or three quarters of an hour, with an exchange of comments at the conclusion. It is also possible to fix an appointment for a consultation only.

The skills trained in philosophical practice workshops are present in many professions and activities of daily life: justifying one’s actions, defending a point of view, requesting a certain type of information, problematizing the position of one’s opponent, making a decision, writing, speaking, etc.

There is thus a double dimension in our philosophical practice workshops: technical, which is inspired by the practical ideas of certain well-known philosophers such as Socrates, Descartes or Hegel, and existential, which certain other philosophers have brilliantly explained such as Spinoza or Nietzsche. It thus allows to train in this practice, to develop a self-awareness and philosophical knowledge.

Just like a gym membership, we invite you to do philosophical practice sessions on a regular basis. Just as in the gym we see the body being sculpted, so too does philosophical practice refine our thinking process. As with sport, there are sometimes frustrations, resistances, and of course joys. It is possible to do just training, sometimes to play games, to participate in seminars. Of course, the spirit of competition is not quite that of thinking, but definitely thinking with others.


Q. Will I be accepted for the course?R. Everyone is accepted to the course, just remember to keep a certain rhythm in the sessions. Basically, we propose weekly sessions, but we can adapt to your availability. Q. Am I being followed by one practitioner or several?R. One trainer follows you and may collaborate with another

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ENG – Philosophical consultation

Difficulties Our methodology is mainly inspired by the Socratic maieutic, where the philosopher questions his interlocutor, invites him to identify the stakes of his discourse, to conceptualize it by distinguishing key terms in order to implement them, to problematize it through a critical perspective, to universalize its implications. For the sake of comparison, this practice

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ENG – Philo and earth

Workshop: Philo and Earth Each of the participants has, in front of him, a piece of earth (a cube of about 20 cm by 20 cm). Before any manipulation of the earth, they are asked to close their eyes, for 5 minutes, and mentally feel their body by going from the feet to the head.

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