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ENG – Philo and earth

Workshop: Philo and Earth

Each of the participants has, in front of him, a piece of earth (a cube of about 20 cm by 20 cm).
Before any manipulation of the earth, they are asked to close their eyes, for 5 minutes, and mentally feel their body by going from the feet to the head. It is a question of becoming aware of one’s body, shape, volume, different parts, tension, relaxation…
Once this step is completed, a work in clay will be done.
At first, do not try to realize a precise shape, get in contact with the clay by manipulating it, test its qualities: elasticity, firmness, hot or cold…the work is always done with eyes closed.
Once the contact is established, a shape is realized in relation with the body sensations felt during the previous exercise. The eyes are always closed.
After 7 minutes, open the eyes and continue the work for another 7 minutes.
For those participants who wish to do so and who are enchanted by the experience, the eyes can be kept closed.
Once finished, each participant observes his work, writes an analysis, an interpretation of it and gives the concept that emerges from it.
The same work of written analysis and conceptualization is then required on the neighbor’s work.
At the end of the work, a comparison between the two analyses is made and discussed between neighbors.