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The practice of philosophy is different from the traditional teaching of philosophy. Indeed we do not look for a theoretical knowledge but we get involved in a process based on a method that is essential to offer a structure to a critical thinking.

Following a method implies the application of rules. Its regular practice leads progressively to a philosophical know-how and to enjoy some cognitive skills like reformulation, argumentation, problematization, conceptualization.

This know-how is usually acquired within group tasks. Practicing philosophy tests one’s thinking by making use of a common faculty : reason. Thus in a workshop the moderator invites the participant to observe the elaboration and the progression of his thinking : is my argument clear for the other ? Then does he accept it or does he have an objection ? Do I find the objection clear? Am I able to reformulate it ? Do I take it or can I support my initial proposition again ? To which problem are we confronted ? On which principal concepts is our reflection based on ?

This is the best opportunity to learn how to accept the critical judgment made by the others, to measure the difference between the spontaneous, emotive, very often chaotic speech and the well thought out, rational, settled wording. Steady participation to workshops gives the possibility to acquire competences and confidence in one’s own capacity to think and will be helpful to read the classical books of great philosophers.

Besides, group tasks and confrontation to others’ thinking will provide a conscious, free and serene system of thinking. One’s vision of the world will become larger, clearer and will increase one’s « power to exist » following Spinoza’s expression and will be useful in decision making

Sandrine Thevenet and Audrey Gers make workshops in public as well as private organizations and also work with people who fall within a personal approach dealing with dilemmas or any kind of existential questioning. They speak french and english.

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